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EscrowTab was designed with notary signing agents in mind. Documents are securely uploaded before closing and can be updated until the closing begins. No printing required.

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EscrowTab For Notaries

In-Person Electronic Notarization, easy and secure as...

Uploading the documents.

Title agents securely upload closing documents into EscrowTab and assign to a notary signing agent. The notary signing agent is notified and the documents are immediately ready for signing.

EscrowTab eNote Preparation

Signing and notarizing.

The notary signing agent meets with the signor and both parties sign documents with their unique handwritten signatures using the tablet. Real time document edits can be made during the signing, just like paper.

EscrowTab eNote Preparation
EscrowTab provides an electronic option for notaries who desire simple time-saving methods for performing the notarization process. It's a great opportunity to serve document signers and meet them face-to-face. And - the cost savings gained from not printing is a great plus!
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Elaine Wright Harris,
Trusted Agent Services Group LLC

Getting Started with EscrowTab.

Approved tablets and system requirements
Microsoft Surface Pro XAll Versions SQ 1 & 2
Bluetooth StylusSurface Pen or Surface Slim Pen
Windows 10, Windows 11

Microsoft Surface Pro 9All Versions i5, i7 & SQ 3
Bluetooth StylusSurface Slim Pen 2
Windows 10, Windows 11
Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
iPad OS 15+
Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra, S8+
Bluetooth Stylus
Android 12+
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  • You may purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro X from EscrowTab.

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