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EscrowTab is a productivity tool allowing title, settlement, and lenders to streamline their operations and realize efficiencies by applying EscrowTab's In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) and eSignature services to the closing process. Consumers love our tech-forward and eco-friendly experience. With no up-front fees and no integration needed, you can get started quickly and with ease!

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Lenders can now implement eClosings without changing their process or adding costs. Receive fully QC'd documents. Use eNotes or paper notes. It's that simple.

It's that simple

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Close loans the way borrowers expect - technology driven and eco-friendly. Fully paperless, fully automated, using your traditional workflow. It's that convenient.

It's that convenient

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What is (IPEN)?

In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) occurs when a borrower and notary signing agent are in the same location and the borrower signs with their handwritten electronic signature. The notary signing agent electronically notarizes the documents without any paper involved.

How does EscrowTab apply IPEN?

Simple. The title company uploads closing documents to EscrowTab for execution and assignment to a signing agent.

EscrowTab IPEN Upload Documents

Behold, the four elements.

EscrowTab consists of four components to help you simply and efficiently implement electronic closings. These services can be used together for a full eClosing solution, or a la carte.

EscrowTab AutoTag

Make eClosing doc prep fast and frictionless.

A proprietary OCR automatically identifies fields to be signed and completed. OCR/AI auto-tagging, flagging, document identification, and automated document delivery allows for short document turn times and quality control.

EscrowTab eNotes

Creation of truly digital documents.

Auto-generate GSE and MISMO compliant eNotes from PDF documents using EscrowTab's OCR. A multi-option approach to eNote creation without work for the lender.

EscrowTab eClosing

The most intuitive eClosing solution.

Close loans without any lender integrations using an IPEN solution that captures the borrower's handwritten electronic signature. Built-in features include organizing and stacking documents the way you like, signature validation, secure delivery and storage of documents, and more.

EscrowTab eVault

An in-house eVault solution.

The eNote will be auto-registered with MERS® eRegistry and securely stored in EscrowTab's proprietary eVault, meaning one less vendor and fewer expenses. EscrowTab's eVault also provides a proprietary solution to register and transfer eNotes to trading partners.